Marcus Watson

Owner and Head Trainer
Marcus Watson Head Trainer at Personal Training Gym In Minneapolis Near Me

Hi I’m Marcus,

57FIT was founded by owner and head trainer Marcus Watson in 2014. Marcus wanted to create an atmosphere where people could be comfortable in their skin while becoming a stronger healthier version of themselves. Not one for quick fixes, he stands on the belief that strength training, nutrition, and movement are vital keys to a prolonged healthy lifestyle.

Marcus has always been active and working with people from diverse backgrounds. As a teen and young adult, he coached youth sports as well as facilitated workouts for the younger population. As he grew into his love of fitness, he began his personal training journey. Since then he has worked with over 200 clients with a common goal of sustainability for optimal health.

His background started at the University of Minnesota Duluth where he received his Bachelors of Applied Science in Physical Education. He then went on to receive his Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership. He holds certifications from NASM, NFPT, Precision Nutrition, and Nesta as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, women’s fitness specialist, and youth exercise specialist. He is a firm believer in educating clients not just to workout but to learn the movements, incorporate them into their own lifestyle, and carry them on to their loved ones.

Marcus doesn’t believe in shaming clients but rather meeting them where they are. It starts with starting and he is growing a community of like-minded individuals who workout and love every bit of their bodies. Come in and you will see individuals of all shapes and sizes throwing weight around!