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    At 57Fit, Marcus Watson champions body positivity in an unexpected setting: the gym. With 15 years of experience, Watson has seen clients seek to improve well-being rather than just appearance, addressing issues like joint pain, mobility, and mental health. His approach shifts the focus from conventional fitness goals to celebrating individual journeys and capabilities, advocating that health transcends size and weight. 57Fit welcomes all bodies and abilities, embodying the principle that every person’s health journey is valid, challenging the norm that only certain body types are worthy of recognition.

    Success Stories

    I’ve been working out with Marcus since 2020. The Covid pandemic foiled my Ironman training and it was hard for me to get motivated again. I started lifting at 57Fit and loved the environment and support created by Marcus. He creates individualized workouts and has been instrumental in my fitness and staying motivated to achieve the goals I set for myself, including completing an Ironman event in 2024. Marcus is supportive, he listens to what I need and he pushes me to go further.

    What do people say about us?

    • I’ve been with 57Fit for about a year and a half, and I’ve been so happy here! The online training program Marcus provides fits me perfectly and allows me the freedom to use the space and resources on my schedule. The community is so supportive and a huge help in my need for accountability. I’ve made some really good friends! I happy to continue to my fitness journey here!

      Kirsten Dorn
    • Marcus is a fantastic trainer who has cultivated a welcoming and supportive atmosphere at 57Fit. Each workout is designed specifically for you and has a clear focus. Marcus will push you, but feedback is only ever positive and encouraging. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my strength since training with Marcus and am thrilled to have found him

      Elliot Cahn
    • Not only does Marcus make fitness fun he listens to his clients needs and ensures that workouts are tailored to their goals. Marcus has a great balance of pushing you to challenge yourself but also showing you modifications to meet you where you’re at. Marcus genuinely cares about his clients and creates a welcoming environment for all. Also the music is always on point!

      Whitney Moore
    • This has been my first experience with a trainer who cares about every individual who walks through his doors. The space is welcoming, and fun, and everyone is supportive. Marcus has pushed, challenged, and helped me reach my goals. This is why I always return.

      Myria Kennedy

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